Welham Infotech

Welham Infotech Resources and Coordinates Full SAP project teams

A client will still maintain control and integrate the team to a greater or lesser extent into its existing competence base according to its wishes. The team will adhere to the client’s desired program or methodology. We enhanced recruitment and consultant administration workflow will ensure that the highest quality resources are supplied, maintained, managed and project milestones are met to satisfy our client needs at the end of the day. It will operate to traditional commercial consulting terms and will work to and achieve measurable business outcomes. As with all other services, Universe Technology offers full compliance with local legislation including tax and social security, and full background checks.

We provide the following SAP consulting services:

➡ Project Assessments
➡ Package/Vendor Selection
➡ Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
➡ Upgrade Services
➡ Implementation Services
➡ System Integration
➡ Performance Tuning
➡ Application Management Services
➡ Remote Support
➡ Any Shore Delivery
➡ Supplemental Resources

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